A kiwi quagghiata for Epiphany...

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DIDACUS DIDACUS Pubblicato il 07/01/2013
<b>A kiwi quagghiata for Epiphany...</b>

A kiwi quagghiata for Epiphany...

Logging LogAlia Rap,

rhythm’s, poetry’s àcronym,

kiwi quagghiata rècipe,

for End and Circumcision,

Titio, Caio, Philàno

and for all people,

survivor after End…

A quarter litre milk,

from goat, just milked,

take, in terrine cup,

near your fireplace…

Mare’s, goat’s, cow’s,

donkey’s, no jackass’,

it’s fine, any fluid… .

Add to milk a kiwi,

stripped, mature, kiwi,

in cross section cutting

and letting milk rest…

Bovine, caprine, milk,

human or equine,

a very good quagghiata

is ready for the Infant

and for the Mother too,

or Vecchia and Befana

and for all Year,

Two thousand thirteen.


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