Kemonia river bridge Cassarà…

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DIDACUS DIDACUS Pubblicato il 07/03/2014
<b>Kemonia river bridge Cassarà…</b>

Kemonia river bridge Cassarà…

I read, much of the night, and go south
in the winter
. T S Eliot

Kemonia, river, bridge, Cassarà,

together, in the Park, Orleans,

together, on a wooden bridge,

leading to a Grecian theatre

with columns, hemicycle, stairs…

Opposite, underground, station,

of a ghost, Panormus, town…

Neither visible is Kemonia

subterranean stream of Oreto,

whose bed is waste and bare,

with pools of water, here and there,

filled by a  lunatic March,

which never belied itself,

ut Sicula flumina, in aestu

in hieme, si pluviae defìciunt…

Come here, come here, ricuttàra,

this is Picuraru Tuesday

Zabbinata, for all cheese-loving,

homemade, bread, at will,

a voice, from a  farm, clamàvit...

Maybe, a scream, a praetérito tempore…


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