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To Whom It May Concern;
        I am studing my family history and ha

To Whom It May Concern; I am studing my family history and ha

To Whom It May Concern; I am studing my family history and have traced my family to the town of Alia,Palermo, Sicily. My gggrandfather is Cosimo Battaglia, born about 1839 in Alia, Palermo, Sicily or near there, maybe Corleone??? He married Maria Santa (In)Calerterra(?) about 1863/1864. They left Palermo, about 1868-1872, and arrived in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. From there they went to Galveston Island, Texas and on to Corpus Christi, Texas, finally settling in Waco, McLennon Co., Texas, USA, where they made their home. These were my GGGrandparents. They had 5 sons and 5 daughters. My great Grandfather was one of their sons, his name is Cosimo(Charles) P. Battaglia, born on 22 June 1876, in Waco, Texas. He married Elizabeth Mooty in San Antonio, Texas, USA on 9 Nov 1901. They made their home in San Antonio, Texas. My Great grandparents had 9 children, Only 6 children lived to be adults. By 1936, my grandfather, Charles Peter Joseph Battaglia was their only living son. He married my grandmother, Burma Magdalen Bibby on 25 Feb 1933 in St. Leo Catholic Church, San Antonio, Texas. My mother is the only child of this marriage, Doris Jo Battaglia. My grandfather later remarried and had another daughter, and remarried again in the late 1940`s and adopted a son. My mother , Doris Jo Battaglia is the oldest child of Charles P. Battaglia, and granddaughter to Cosimo(Charles) P. Battaglia(born in Texas), and great- granddaughter to Cosimo Battaglia(abt 1939) and Maria Santa Caleaterra(abt 1943). Both born in Sicily, we believe Alia. If anyone can confirm the marriage, and birth dates and places of my family it would be so appreciated. You can reach me at: sheilappmc@aol.com Also, I know Maria`s father was Guiseppe Caleaterra(?spelling), but I do not have a mothers name or Cosimo`s parents names, and places of birth or residence. Thanking you in advance for any help you may have. Sheila Garrison

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